Our Diabetes program includes an an individual one-on-one assessment followed by 8  x weekly sessions of education and exercsie delivered in our rehab gym. Enjoy a fun and supportive environement, in a social, small group format. Bailey Bromage is our experienced Exercsie Physiologist with expertise and a special inters in Diabetes management.

Did you know some types of exercsie are particulalry beneficial in helping manage blood sugar levels in people with diabetes?

Do you wan to learn more about your diabetes? Undersratnding your diabetes can help you take more control.

Eligable people with a valid referral from their GP under a Diabetes chronic disease management plan can attend for a small fee after Medicare rebates*. Less than a gym memebership, but all the benefits of personalised care in a dedicated health facility.

To know more please call us on 4966 2772. Kelly will be happy to explain the program and answer any potential questions about costs and Medicare rebates.